Timeless patterns to inspire modern makers.

2512207Hi, I’m Tatha!

I create a wide variety of original crochet patterns that can be purchased on Ravelry. Take a look and see if there is something you can’t live without!

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I started crocheting gifts for my family and friends more than 30 years ago.  I love working on a project and thinking about the person I will give it to as I stitch.

I have been designing patterns almost as long as I have been crocheting.  My favorite stitch is anything worked into the third loop on the wrong side of a half double crochet row.  It creates a raised, textured, almost knit looking stitch that adds great interest to the finished fabric.

What I love most about designing is seeing all the different results of the stitchers who use my patterns.  The different uses of color, yarn, and even changes in gauge results in such a beautiful, varied range of  creativity, and it is endlessly exciting to me.  I hope you’ll find something in my patterns that inspires you, and that you’ll share pictures, either via Ravely Projects, by tagging me via your preferred social media, or posting in my community group on Facebook!

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