Baby Booties for Grandma

So yesterday I told my Mom she’s going to be a Grandma.  How?  Well I designed and made these cute little baby booties, took them over to her house and told her that I had something new for her to hang from her rear-view mirror in the car.

She just looked at them for a moment and said “Oh those are cute!”

I could see she was thinking “But why would I want to hang these from the rear-view mirror?”








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2 responses to “Baby Booties for Grandma

  1. packofjellybeans

    Thanks for dropping in on my blog.
    I love your blog too. ANd I loved the way you announced the baby’s arrival to your mom….. Congrats, by the way.
    Best wishes,
    Medha (

  2. Congrats on the super good news! 🙂 And what a way to tell your mom! Must have been a kodak moment! 🙂
    Super designs! Will keep looking in for inspirations. I don’t have too much need for baby things right now….but then you do more than that! So! 🙂

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