Summer Fun Water Balloons!

Most of my content consists of crochet patterns for fellow fiber artists. However, for a short time this summer, I am accepting orders for these awesome fun reusable water balloons!

No more filling balloons. No more latex litter in your yard. Just dunk them in some water (like a sponge!), throw them at your friends, and SPLAT!  Then, just dunk them again! Use them over and over again!
(Just like regular water balloons, please don’t throw these at your friends’ faces.)

Fellow crocheters, there are several patterns out there if you wish to make your own. Just Google or check on Pinterest. Please do not use my images though.

8 Balloons + a bucket for those local to me costs $20.
For those not local (Kansas City) I will be glad to drop the bucket, and instead ship just the balloons via first class mail to the continental US for the $20. I accept Cash, PayPal, and Venmo.

Please message me on Facebook Here or email me to order!Baloons Watermarked

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