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Summer Fun Water Balloons!

Most of my content consists of crochet patterns for fellow fiber artists. However, for a short time this summer, I am accepting orders for these awesome fun reusable water balloons!

No more filling balloons. No more latex litter in your yard. Just dunk them in some water (like a sponge!), throw them at your friends, and SPLAT!  Then, just dunk them again! Use them over and over again!
(Just like regular water balloons, please don’t throw these at your friends’ faces.)

Fellow crocheters, there are several patterns out there if you wish to make your own. Just Google or check on Pinterest. Please do not use my images though.

8 Balloons + a bucket for those local to me costs $20.
For those not local (Kansas City) I will be glad to drop the bucket, and instead ship just the balloons via first class mail to the continental US for the $20. I accept Cash, PayPal, and Venmo.

Please message me on Facebook Here or email me to order!Baloons Watermarked

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Crocheting Community

FB_IMG_1501679450016I will do a post here shortly on Conference last week. (I’m still recovering.) But one of my classes was a full-day Professional Development Day workshop.  I learned so much and met some new people.  One of the suggestions was creating a group to go with your Facebook Page – something I’ve always thought about doing, but have been a bit intimidated by.

So I went ahead and set one up, linked it to my Stitched In Love Crocheting Facebook page, and have a few members.  We’re also getting ready to start a Crochet-a-Long (CAL) to kick things off!

So if you are on Facebook, come on over and join us in the Stitched In Love Crocheting Community! Introduce yourself, invite your friends, share your WIPs and completed projects and patterns, and then vote on the motif you think we should use for the CAL!

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30 Days of Blog 2017 – Five

So year before last I was short on cash and let my domain name expire. (It was It got swooped up and held hostage (not being used) as a premium domain for the price of like $300.00. Nope. Not going to pay that. If you’d been realistic and done like $50.00 or maybe even $100.00, I might have bit my lip and taken the hit. But that much is ridiculous.  You don’t have me over the barrel that you think you do here.

So I tried biding my time, figuring it was worth a try.  It was set to expire on June 1st, but of course they renewed it, and now the premium domain price is $783.00 with a minimum offering price of $509.00 required. <Insert maniacal laugh.>

So I did some brainstorming and some collaborating with my crafty friends and finally ended up wondering why I hadn’t used in the fist place. The only thing that I can think of is that it’s a bit long, but it doesn’t seem too bad to me now.  It’s more specific and clear what the website is with this URL anyway. I like it better than the other URL, so there!

As a result, I’ve had to go back and update my watermarks with the new address.


emailTransparent SILC Line


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2015 – A Dud for Crocheting

I got nowhere near to what I wanted to accomplish this year with my crocheting.  My work came to an abrupt halt in June when I got sick because I became pregnant with our third child. Three months later I was finally feeling a little better, but by then we were really trying to get our new house renovated and moved in.  We are moved in now, though not even close to being unpacked and settled. And of course, now we are preparing for the holidays and the arrival of little #3.

Obviously with a third on the way, living in a house that still needs a lot of work, and trying to get our old house ready to rent out, there is probably not going to be a lot of time to crochet in 2016 either.  BUT I will be pumping 2-3 times a day again after returning to work, which is when I was able to get a lot of of crocheting done last year and early this year. So I do still have some things planned.

Here is a rundown of things I am working on immediately, and where I ended up with the goals I had for 2015.  I’ll post again later with what I want to accomplish for 2016.  I did get a few custom orders completed through my Etsy shop along the way but not a whole lot else.

Current/Immediate Projects

  1. Christmas Stockings – Two done for the kids, working on Husband’s now.  Baby #3 and I may have to wait until next year.
  2. Christmas Gifts – Working on a few small/quick gifts for family.  Will post on this after all the family get-togethers are done for the holidays.
  3. Sweet 16 Afghan – This needs to be started as soon as the stocking and Christmas gifts are done because it will need to be mailed out very soon after the first of the year.
  4. Buddy’s Afghan – I have designed an afghan pattern in honor of each one of my new babies.  As soon as the Sweet 16 Afghan is done, I need to get working on Baby #3’s.  I’ve already done quite a bit of R&D (i.e. Pinteresting) and I’m pretty sure I know what I want to do.  I even have the yarn. Now I just need to sit down and start work/writing the pattern.

2015 Run-Down

  1. ADDED (Custom Order) – Baby Afghan Success! See June 6th 30 Days of Blog Post for this one.
  2. ADDED (Custom Order) – Second Baby Afghan Success! I’m sad about this one because I do not think that I took a picture before I delivered it.
  3. ADDED: Baby Gift #1 – This was the Strawberry Cocoon and Beanie Success!
  4. ADDED (Custom Order) – Baby Gift.  Surprise gift to be posted at a later time. Success! I’m sad about this one because I do not think that I took a picture before I delivered it.
  5. ADDED: Baby Gift #2 – Was in progress in May, but I don’t even remember what this was right now!
  6. Finish writing Cuffs and Monkey Patterns –  Cuffs done. Monkey on hold till Fall. I never did get back to the Monkey pattern.  But the boot Cuffs pattern did get finished and posted in my Ravelry store.  I even had a lady contact me about it because she is doing a class on cable stitches at a retreat and wanted to use my pattern for it.  So I have seen multiple pattern sales as a result of that.
  7. Christmas Stockings for Family (4) – On the immediate list.
  8. Baby Gift #2 – I’ve had this done for awhile and I’m sad to say I keep forgetting to mail the darn thing!
  9. Baby Gift #3 – This one has also been done, but never got delivered. (Facepalm.)
  10. Top for myself – (Laughing.) Not a chance. It wouldn’t fit me right now anyway.  Maybe this Spring or Summer.
  11. Christmas Tree Skirt – Sadly this one did not get done yet either.
  12. Afghan Christmas Present #1 – Nope.
  13. Afghan Christmas Present #2 – Nope.
  14. Afghan Christmas Present #3 – Nope. (Sorry family. Maybe next year.)
  15. Happypotamusses for Sephy and Greyson – This is another one I’m really sad about.  I really wanted to get these done for them.  Maybe I’ll make it a trilogy and give one to each of the three kids for Christmas next year.
  16. Sweet 16 Afghan – On the immediate list.
  17. Mitten Ornaments – Replaced with another quick project for Christmas gifts on the Immediate list.  I would still like to do these for next year.

So there we are. Here’s hoping that 2016 will leave me feeling more accomplished with the projects I want to do!

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Here We Grow Again Giveaway

The Here We Grow Again Northland Children’s Consignment sale was this past week here in Kansas City.  I had the following promotional display set up at the sale.  

I received 29 entries for the giveaway and used an online random name picker to select the winner.  Congratulations to…

Chris Gayles

and thanks to everyone for entering!

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Children’s Consignment Sale

I’ve decided to take advantage of an opportunity for some local exposure and possibly someA additional sales.  The Northland The Here We Grow Again Children’s Consignment Sale (Kansas City) is this month and I’ve decided to rent a space on their Promo Table.  I will have a drawing to win one of my Very Hungry Caterpillar Newborn Cocoon and Beanies, and display some samples of my newborn photo props.

BeeSo I’ve had to make up some of these props really fast.  I already had the bamboo cocoon, and another beanie.  I finished the VHC Cocoon for the drawing last night.  I also made a really cute bumble bee cocoon and wrote the pattern for it.  That will be available on Ravelry and Etsy soon.  I have started on this adorable mermaid cocoon and if I can get that done in time, I also plan to do a ladybug cocoon.  I actually need to have all this done by Saturday. I don’t think I’m going to get the Ladybug done, and the Mermaid is questionable.  But in any case, they will all be available to order.Scales

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas CardMy posts this time of year always seem to slow down because I can’t share what I’m making yet to avoid spoiling a surprise.  Usually that’s because I’m making presents, but this year I also have what I made for my family’s Christmas card.  Since I have sent it out, I can now post it!

The pattern for the hat can be found here, and the pattern for the bobble beard can be found here.

Stitched In Love

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A Short Break and a Gameplan

After finishing the kids’ Halloween costumes I am taking a short break to read a library book that is overdue – Wild by Cheryl Strayed.  The movie comes out in December but I wanted to read the book first.  I was going to renew it but it’s on hold by another person so I can’t.  I didn’t want to return it before reading it though because I knew that I would never check it out again if I did.  I started reading it yesterday and am half-way through it.  That’s pretty typical for me.  If I start reading something I don’t usually do anything else until I’m done.

After my short break I need to make the baby afghan in payment for my logo work.  I’ll be creating a new pattern with it so not only will the recipient receive a hand crocheted afghan, but they will also have had the pattern for it designed specifically for them.  I think once I get it done and complete the PDF I’ll also send them a copy of it for good measure.  I need to get it done and delivered before Thanksgiving.  I’ve been thinking about the design I want and looking at some books for inspiration. I know the edging that I want to do but still haven’t decided on what to do for the body.  The Ribbon and Cross Christening Afghan is rows of shells so I don’t wan to do that.  I was thinking about a basket weave stitch, but I’m not sure if that will go with the edging I want to do.  So I’m still mulling that over this week as I read.  Once I get that done, I think I want to make up a few quick Christmas presents.

My poor Granny Square Project keeps getting pushed back.  I WILL FINISH IT! Once I get this baby afghan and Christmas presents finished, it’s back to the Grannies until they are done!  I have 4 months left of squares to do, which means 8 squares.  Then I’ll have the arduous task of joining all those squares.

I also have pictures of Halloween costumes that I will post here shortly.  I had started to write-up the pattern I created for my son’s costume and want to get that finished and for sale somewhere in there too!

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Copy-Cat Angel

Remember the Copy-Cat Pansy doily that I made while at my In-laws place for a visit?  Well during our visit with them again earlier this month I saw a crocheted angel that my Mother-in-Law had and decided to copy that too.  I’ve been wanting to make an angel for the top of the tree and this one was just perfect for it.  The left is what I came up with, and the right is the original piece.  

The angel was finished by soaking it in fabric stiffener and then pinning it to a styrofoam cone for shaping and then using hot glue to attach the halo and wings.

I didn’t get the shaping of the wings quite right.  I wasn’t able to finish the wings while I was there and had to work from pictures.  It was hard to see exactly what needed to be done for the wings from those pictures.  But it generally came out pretty good.

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Crochet Guild of America

Alright!  I joined the Crochet Guild of America today!  I’ll get my subscription to Crochet! magazine, and free entry to the 2011 Chain Link Conferences and Knit and Crochet Shows.

I really want to go to the conference in July in Minneapolis. I’m very excited about this!

Other benefits include:  (With one-year membership.)

  • Six mailed issues of Crochet! magazine with Chain Link newsletter inserted.
  • Password to exclusive member online pages.
  • Member message board and CGOA Now blog.
  • Exclusive national e-retail discounts.
  • Annual Chain Link conference – free show floor entry and member discounts on events.
  • Discounts on professionally taught classes at annual conferences.
  • Member fashion show at Chain Link.
  • Members-only CGOA Design Contests.
  • Discounts on any CGOA educational offerings.
  • Link to free e-booklet of patterns from CGOA in member confirmation.
  • Eligible to apply for Professional Crocheter status.
  • Right to vote at CGOA Annual Meetings.

Stitched in Love,


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