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Lace Comb

captured_by_snapseed_13_1This is the finished piece I posted about in progress awhile back in Pretty Lace.  It’s a very simple lace motif, added to a hair comb with some Swarovski Elements for embellishment.  I wore this for the Bridal Show that my Sister over at Vintage Wedding Gems did recently.

There are so many things that can be done to customize this.  I can use reclaimed, vintage thread from old doilies, bedspreads or table cloths.  I can also make it in new thread in dozens of different colors. It can be added to a clip or button loops instead of a comb. And embellishments are only limited by your imagination!


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After yesterday’s post, Intimidated I was going through my yarn to find colors for the June and July squares I have planned for the Granny Square Project.  I really have got to get caught up on that. (Now that it’s almost August.)

As I was searching through skeins I found one of many unfinished projects in my stash.  This Ripple Baby Afghan was one of my early favorites when I first started crocheting as I have mentioned in a previous post; and it gave me a great idea.  I can use this pattern for my first parasol! (With thread instead of yarn of course.)

parasolThis is an eight-pointed ripple afghan and I think would be perfect  to use as a very simple first attempt.  I can add a slight modification with rows of open stitches (dc, chain 2, skip 2 sts, dc)  in place of the white rows shown here to open the pattern up and highlight the ripple effect.

Once I get this one done, I think I’ll have more confidence to try something like this beauty.

But first I have got to get caught up on The Granny Square Project!  Once I finish the total of 4 squares for June and July I will start right up on this lovely.  I really hope it works as I’m expecting it to.  Very excited!

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There aren’t very many things that intimidate me in crochet, but two of them seem to go together.

I want to crochet a lace parasol.  That in and of itself doesn’t intimidate me.  I think what makes me shy away is the time.  You see, what does intimidate me is crochet instructions that come in the form of a diagram rather than written instructions.  diagram

I have never attempted to make anything from a diagram before.  I know a lot of people can only crochet from a diagram, and not from written instructions.  I am not one of them.  This just looks very scary to me.  I feel like I would get lost so quickly here.

And for some reason most of the patterns I’ve been able to find for crocheted parasols come in the form of diagrams.  Of course.  As I understand it, a written pattern for an eight sided doily can be used for a parasol, but there is also some modification that will likely have to be done, including continuing after the doily pattern has finished to fill the whole umbrella frame.  This leaves some designing work to be done.  And I’m not really afraid of that so much as I previously mentioned, as the time.  I’m concerned that I’ll have a hard time making sure I have enough (or not too many) stitches so that they parasol will open and be sufficiently stretched out to be flat but not too loose or too tight because you have to increase with each round as the diameter gets bigger.  This could require a lot of frogging and reworking, taking up precious time.

I’ll figure something out and get one made eventually.

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Pretty Lace


Just a quick post here.  Here is the latest piece I’m working on.  It’s a bit of pretty lace.  I didn’t design this one, just using the pattern.  It’s not washed or blocked yet, let alone even finished but it should come out very pretty.

I’m also working on a modification to the crocheted tape I posted.  It’s soaking in starch right now, so hopefully in a day or two I should have a neat surprise.

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Christmas Presents 2013

SnowflakesFinally, here are the Christmas presents that I made for the family this past year.  I’ve been wanting to make these as Christmas gifts for several years now.

I made a set of 5 starched snowflake ornaments for each of my and my Husband’s Parents and each of our siblings’ families.  I made the same snowflake for everyone rather than using a different pattern for each set.  I had it memorized very shortly and was turning them out in 30 minutes each by the time I got them all done.

I used different thread from size 5 to 20, including one set of gold thread and two different sets of red thread – all of which I already had on hand.  I did have to buy some ribbon for the hangers and I also sprayed each set with glitter spray once they were starched to add a little sparkle.  (That was a lot of fun in the freezing cold temperatures we had this December.)

I picked up old Christmas tins at the thrift store to put these in instead of boxing and wrapping.  I lined the tins with tissue paper to which I added a few drops of scented oil so that you got a nice whiff of Christmas when you opened the them.  In the end it took me a lot of time to make, starch and finish these, but everyone seemed to enjoy them.

Starching and pinning to shape.

Starching and pinning to shape.

This is scented oil from Bath and Bodyworks. I added just a few drops to the tissue paper before putting the ornaments in their tins.

One of the tins I picked up at the thrift store.

One of the tins I picked up at the thrift store.

This is the gold snowflake which I gave to my Mom.

This is the gold snowflake which I gave to my Mom.

This is my favorite.  I love how delicate it came out using the smaller thread.  My Mother-in-law got this one.

This is my favorite. I love how delicate it came out using the smaller thread. My Mother-in-law got this one.

I plan to make a bunch of snowflakes for myself to put on a second tree in our home eventually.  I’m talking about making a few dozen different snowflakes.  That sure will be a project!


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Copy-Cat Angel

Remember the Copy-Cat Pansy doily that I made while at my In-laws place for a visit?  Well during our visit with them again earlier this month I saw a crocheted angel that my Mother-in-Law had and decided to copy that too.  I’ve been wanting to make an angel for the top of the tree and this one was just perfect for it.  The left is what I came up with, and the right is the original piece.  

The angel was finished by soaking it in fabric stiffener and then pinning it to a styrofoam cone for shaping and then using hot glue to attach the halo and wings.

I didn’t get the shaping of the wings quite right.  I wasn’t able to finish the wings while I was there and had to work from pictures.  It was hard to see exactly what needed to be done for the wings from those pictures.  But it generally came out pretty good.

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Christening Gown

I got the pattern for this Christening Gown  designed by Kathleen Harell from my Mary Maxim catalogue.  Persephone wore this for her Baby Blessing, which we had given during the Christmas Eve Service this year. 

I really loved this pattern.  Clothing is generally not my favorite to crochet, however this pattern was very easy to work up, very well written and easy to read.  The bodice, which you can see better in the stock photo here, works up in one piece, from one side to the back to other side.    This is done with increases for shaping at each shoulder.  The sleeves and the skirt are both just worked onto the foundation of the bodice.  Click on the stock photo to go to this pattern for sale on the Mary Maxim website.


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Ribbon and Pearls Christening Afghan

As promised, I designed an afghan in honor of my baby girl and I just love how it turned out!  I even submitted this one to Leisure Arts to see if they wanted to publish but they didn’t.  Oh well. 

I think I’ll sell the pattern for this one on Ravelry.  So I won’t post it for free here, but I will get the link added to the item on Ravelry once I get it posted there.

I loved how the ribbon and pearls turned out.  I was initially going to use white pearls but I’m glad I used the pink.  This pattern could be real pretty in reverse colors too with pink yarn and white ribbon and pearls. 

Update:   I have added the pattern for sale to my Ravelry store!

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The First Lacy Afghan

I finally found this picture.  I knew I had it somewhere.  This was the first time I made the “Timeless Lace” afghan mentioned in my previous Lacy Afghan post.

This is my Aunt Becky on the left at Christmas oh…what, 10 or 11 years ago I guess?  Gosh I don’t remember.  Maybe more than that.   The Timeless Lace afghan was her present that year.

This picture was taken in my Grandma and Grandpa Showers’ living room.  I can just feel the bustle of activity at the big family Christmas get-together when I look at this picture.  {Insert warm fuzzy here.}

Grandma is gone now, but see the ribbon goldfish mobile hanging in front of the window in the background?  That was hers, and Grandpa was nice enough to let me have that after she passed.  It’s hanging in front of the window in my livingroom now.  I just love it, and I think of her every time I look at it!

Anyway.  Sorry, I digress.  Back to the afghan.  I remember Aunt Becky being very excited when I gave this to her that year and I hope that she has enjoyed it!

I believe I’ve made two more of these afghans using this pattern.  If you received one of them, please send me a picture and I’ll post it!

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Idea – Vintage Placemats

I have been having a really good time using the Word Press Tag Surfer lately.  I get to see a lot of different posts from other people with the same tags as those in my posts.  The problem is, seeing everyone’s wonderful projects gives me all sorts of really good ideas!  So today I thought I would actually start keeping track of those ideas for future projects in a new Category.  That way I don’t forget them!  Now knowing myself, I’m likely to build up lots and lots of ideas and never have time to get to them.  But at least I’ll have the option!

My first idea comes from a fellow bloggers post about a gift she received from her mother of some vintage placemats.   (Click on the photo to see her original post.)  They are just beautiful (and the lovely daffodils really piqued my yearning for spring.)

My idea is to get some vintage material from a thrift store and use it as the center of a doily/table-cloth/table runner or of course another placemat. 

I could use material from clothes or a dress, or whatever, and crochet the edging and make some really neat pieces out of them.

Don’t tell her, but I think my Mom might like a table runner like this.

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