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After yesterday’s post, Intimidated I was going through my yarn to find colors for the June and July squares I have planned for the Granny Square Project.  I really have got to get caught up on that. (Now that it’s almost August.)

As I was searching through skeins I found one of many unfinished projects in my stash.  This Ripple Baby Afghan was one of my early favorites when I first started crocheting as I have mentioned in a previous post; and it gave me a great idea.  I can use this pattern for my first parasol! (With thread instead of yarn of course.)

parasolThis is an eight-pointed ripple afghan and I think would be perfect  to use as a very simple first attempt.  I can add a slight modification with rows of open stitches (dc, chain 2, skip 2 sts, dc)  in place of the white rows shown here to open the pattern up and highlight the ripple effect.

Once I get this one done, I think I’ll have more confidence to try something like this beauty.

But first I have got to get caught up on The Granny Square Project!  Once I finish the total of 4 squares for June and July I will start right up on this lovely.  I really hope it works as I’m expecting it to.  Very excited!

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There aren’t very many things that intimidate me in crochet, but two of them seem to go together.

I want to crochet a lace parasol.  That in and of itself doesn’t intimidate me.  I think what makes me shy away is the time.  You see, what does intimidate me is crochet instructions that come in the form of a diagram rather than written instructions.  diagram

I have never attempted to make anything from a diagram before.  I know a lot of people can only crochet from a diagram, and not from written instructions.  I am not one of them.  This just looks very scary to me.  I feel like I would get lost so quickly here.

And for some reason most of the patterns I’ve been able to find for crocheted parasols come in the form of diagrams.  Of course.  As I understand it, a written pattern for an eight sided doily can be used for a parasol, but there is also some modification that will likely have to be done, including continuing after the doily pattern has finished to fill the whole umbrella frame.  This leaves some designing work to be done.  And I’m not really afraid of that so much as I previously mentioned, as the time.  I’m concerned that I’ll have a hard time making sure I have enough (or not too many) stitches so that they parasol will open and be sufficiently stretched out to be flat but not too loose or too tight because you have to increase with each round as the diameter gets bigger.  This could require a lot of frogging and reworking, taking up precious time.

I’ll figure something out and get one made eventually.

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Wedding Handkerchiefs

Another gift made for my wedding…  I wanted to make something for my Bridesmaids that they could use for  my wedding that would go with my colors and their dresses.  So I crocheted lace edging on handkerchiefs for them.  I found a unique hankie with their respective initials for each of them on Ebay and then used the same variegated thread for the edging that I had used on some of my candle holders. 

The pattern for these was incredibly simple.  The hardest part was crocheting the base stitches around the handkerchief, right through the material.  After that it was just a matter of chain stitches and single crochet stitches in the spaces those chains made, repeating this around the handkerchief until the desired width was achieved.  Believe it or not, this part actually took quiet a bit of time.

 I made my sister’s slightly different by using white thread for the lace and then using a single round of the variegated thread with picot stitches on the last row.

I also crocheted hankies for both my Mom and my husband’s Mom, each with their initials too.

I used a very simple pattern for these.  However, there are countless lace patterns out there that are more detailed and complex.  Have you done lace edging for a handkerchief?  I would love to see pictures if you have!

Stitched in Love,


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Pattern – Candle Holders


  •  Glasses – These can be any liquor type glasses either purchased new or found at a thrift store.  The sizes included here are 21/4 inches and 31/4 inches in diameter.  Taller glasses may also be used if desired.
  • #10 size crochet thread. One spool will make at least three small covers.
  • Size 6 (1.80mm) crochet hook
  • Scissors

Gauge: 5 rows dc = 1 inch.


Instructions: Written for 21/4” diameter holders, with optional rows for 31/4” diameter.

Row 1: Ch 3.  Join to first ch with slip stitch to form a ring.  Ch 3 (counts as first dc of next row now and throughout.) 8 Dc in ring.  Join to first dc made with slip stitch.

Row 2: Ch 3.  *Dc in next dc, ch 1* around to first dc. Join to first dc made with slip stitch.

Row 3: Ch 3.  *2 dc in first ch 1 sp. Dc in next dc* around to first dc. Join to first dc made with slip stitch.

Row 4: Ch 3.  Dc in next dc. *Ch 1, dc in next 2 dc* around to first dc. Join to first dc made with slip stitch.

Row 5: Ch 3.  *2 dc in first ch 1 sp. Dc in next 2 dc* around to first dc. Join to first dc made with slip stitch.

Row 6: Ch 3.  Dc in next 3.  *Ch 1, dc in next 4 dc* around to first dc. Join to first dc made with slip stitch.

Row 7: Ch 3.  *Dc in next 4 dc. 2 dc in next ch 1 sp* around to first dc. Join to first dc made with slip stitch.

Optional Row 1 for 31/4” Diameter Holder: Ch 3.  Dc in next 7 dc, ch 1.  *Dc in next 8 dc, ch 1* around to first dc. Join to first dc made with slip stitch.

Optional Row 2: Ch 3.  Dc in next 7 dc.  *2 dc in next ch 1 sp. Dc in next 8 dc* around to first dc. Join to first dc made with slip stitch.  (Continue with Row 7.)

Row 8: Ch 3.  Dc in next dc and in each around. Join to first dc made with slip stitch.

Repeat row 8 until the base of your glass can be covered and you have enough rows to form a base.  I repeated 3 times on the small glass and 6 times on the large glass.  This is a personal preference.

Lattice Row 1: Ch 4.  Skip next 2 dc, dc in next dc.  *Ch 2, skip next 2 dc, dc in next dc* around to first dc. Join to first dc made with slip stitch.

Lattice Row 2: Slip stitch in first ch 2 sp, ch 4. *Ch 2, dc in next ch 2 sp* around to first dc. Join to first dc made with slip stitch.

Repeat Lattice Row 2 until your entire glass is enclosed when the cover is slid on. 

Top Row: Ch 3. *2 dc in next ch 2 sp, dc in next dc* around to first dc. Join to first dc made with slip stitch.  Finish off.   Trim and weave thread ends.

Stitched in Love,


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Candle Holders

This piece is one that I designed myself, and it was also for my wedding.  We needed 30 center pieces for the tables at our reception.  We really couldn’t see buying 30 floral arrangements that would just die, so we looked to the artistic front.  Fortunately, each of us has some sort of artistic side…

My husband collects vinyl records.  He has hundreds, maybe thousands of them.  So we went through them and picked  out the wedding and love themed albums.  Here are a few examples. 

My Dad made some really great wooden stands to hold the records and painted them a metallic silver. We placed one on each of the tables along with some “diamond confetti” and rose petals.

But, getting to the crochet part…

My Husband-to-be was now represented so I tried to think of something I could crochet to add to the centerpiece that would not be too casual or country for a formal wedding.  I came up with candle holder covers that we could put a tea-light in! 

I made this so simple and cheap.  I went to Goodwill and bought 30 small liqor type glasses.  I don’t think I spent more than $15.  I bought different shapes and patterns, they didn’t all have to be the same.  To make the covers, I used two different colors of thread, a dark blue that matched the sash on my wedding dress, and a variegated pastel that matched my bridesmaids’ lavender dresses. 

The covers were made with double crochet stitches, using increases to form the base, and then a combination of  double crochets and chain twos to create the rest of the cover wich was then easily slid on. Click HERE for pattern instructions.

These candle holders also doubled as gifts to some close friends and family members, as we told them to feel free to take a few off the tables as they left our reception that evening.  I even saved a few myself as keepsakes from our special day.

Stitched in Love,



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A Wedding Bible

 So the first project I’m writing about was not a gift for someone else, but one of the rare items I’ve made for myself – a Bible Cover for my wedding this past summer.

I found the pattern for this cover years ago in a crochet magazine and I knew right away that I wanted to carry this down the aisle when I got married instead of a bouquet of flowers.  So I put the magazine away in the cedar chest where I keep much of my yarn, saving it.  When it came time, I pulled the magazine out and started putting the materials together, including the bible I had received as a child in 1986.

The cover was made in three pieces (the cover and the two pockets) by holding two strings of thread together and crocheting cluster stitches.   The edging attached and closed the pockets and  included threading pearl beads onto one of the threads and crocheting stitches around the beads.  Ribbon was woven around the edging as well and a length was left at the end to which I added an elegant pearl spray.  I had to modify the pattern slightly to fit the size of my bible.


I don’t crochet with thread very often.  I love the delicate work of fillet crochet used to make doilies and other projects with thread, but the small work really hurts my hands.  Fortunately, this piece was made a little easier by holding multiple threads.  It gave it more bulk than crocheting with just one strand of thread, but allowed the piece to remain more delicate than if actual yarn had been used.

I suspected that a lot of people thought I was crazy when I told them I was going to carry a Bible down the aisle with a crocheted cover on it instead of flowers.  (Though no one actually said so.) But it turned out absolutely perfect and I pined a corsage to the front for embellishment on the big day.


Stitched In Love,



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