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Idea – Flower Cards

My next idea comes from a fellow blogger’s post on making crocheted flowers.  (Click on the photo so see the original post.)   Now I’ve seen this before, and I’ve done this before too.  But this time I was struck with the idea to make some flowers that my Sister-in-Law can use to put on the cards she makes.  You can see her Etsy store Here!

I’ve seen cards with crocheted embellishments attached and they’re really cute, but I’m not really into card making myself.  But maybe LuAnn can get some use out of them!


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Idea – Vintage Placemats

I have been having a really good time using the Word Press Tag Surfer lately.  I get to see a lot of different posts from other people with the same tags as those in my posts.  The problem is, seeing everyone’s wonderful projects gives me all sorts of really good ideas!  So today I thought I would actually start keeping track of those ideas for future projects in a new Category.  That way I don’t forget them!  Now knowing myself, I’m likely to build up lots and lots of ideas and never have time to get to them.  But at least I’ll have the option!

My first idea comes from a fellow bloggers post about a gift she received from her mother of some vintage placemats.   (Click on the photo to see her original post.)  They are just beautiful (and the lovely daffodils really piqued my yearning for spring.)

My idea is to get some vintage material from a thrift store and use it as the center of a doily/table-cloth/table runner or of course another placemat. 

I could use material from clothes or a dress, or whatever, and crochet the edging and make some really neat pieces out of them.

Don’t tell her, but I think my Mom might like a table runner like this.

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Copy-Cat Pansy

I was visiting my husband’s family in Iowa for Christmas this weekend.  While there, my Mother-in-Law showed me some doilies she had picked up at a thrift store.  This multi colored pansy doily was one of them.  I had brought some thread with me to work on making some crocheted snowflakes and I thought this was so pretty I decided to try to see if I could replicate it.

This is what I ended up with.  It was such a lovely idea and I enjoyed the challenge of seeing if I could reproduce the piece.  I left both the original and the copy-cat version with my mother-in-law, but I will see if I can write the pattern down and add it here.

I will also be posting quite a few Christmas presents given this year.  I haven’t been able to post them until now because I wanted them to be surprises for the recipients!

Stitched in Love,


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A Wedding Bible

 So the first project I’m writing about was not a gift for someone else, but one of the rare items I’ve made for myself – a Bible Cover for my wedding this past summer.

I found the pattern for this cover years ago in a crochet magazine and I knew right away that I wanted to carry this down the aisle when I got married instead of a bouquet of flowers.  So I put the magazine away in the cedar chest where I keep much of my yarn, saving it.  When it came time, I pulled the magazine out and started putting the materials together, including the bible I had received as a child in 1986.

The cover was made in three pieces (the cover and the two pockets) by holding two strings of thread together and crocheting cluster stitches.   The edging attached and closed the pockets and  included threading pearl beads onto one of the threads and crocheting stitches around the beads.  Ribbon was woven around the edging as well and a length was left at the end to which I added an elegant pearl spray.  I had to modify the pattern slightly to fit the size of my bible.


I don’t crochet with thread very often.  I love the delicate work of fillet crochet used to make doilies and other projects with thread, but the small work really hurts my hands.  Fortunately, this piece was made a little easier by holding multiple threads.  It gave it more bulk than crocheting with just one strand of thread, but allowed the piece to remain more delicate than if actual yarn had been used.

I suspected that a lot of people thought I was crazy when I told them I was going to carry a Bible down the aisle with a crocheted cover on it instead of flowers.  (Though no one actually said so.) But it turned out absolutely perfect and I pined a corsage to the front for embellishment on the big day.


Stitched In Love,



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