Candle Holders

This piece is one that I designed myself, and it was also for my wedding.  We needed 30 center pieces for the tables at our reception.  We really couldn’t see buying 30 floral arrangements that would just die, so we looked to the artistic front.  Fortunately, each of us has some sort of artistic side…

My husband collects vinyl records.  He has hundreds, maybe thousands of them.  So we went through them and picked  out the wedding and love themed albums.  Here are a few examples. 

My Dad made some really great wooden stands to hold the records and painted them a metallic silver. We placed one on each of the tables along with some “diamond confetti” and rose petals.

But, getting to the crochet part…

My Husband-to-be was now represented so I tried to think of something I could crochet to add to the centerpiece that would not be too casual or country for a formal wedding.  I came up with candle holder covers that we could put a tea-light in! 

I made this so simple and cheap.  I went to Goodwill and bought 30 small liqor type glasses.  I don’t think I spent more than $15.  I bought different shapes and patterns, they didn’t all have to be the same.  To make the covers, I used two different colors of thread, a dark blue that matched the sash on my wedding dress, and a variegated pastel that matched my bridesmaids’ lavender dresses. 

The covers were made with double crochet stitches, using increases to form the base, and then a combination of  double crochets and chain twos to create the rest of the cover wich was then easily slid on. Click HERE for pattern instructions.

These candle holders also doubled as gifts to some close friends and family members, as we told them to feel free to take a few off the tables as they left our reception that evening.  I even saved a few myself as keepsakes from our special day.

Stitched in Love,




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  1. Linda Jester

    I don’t think these photos do the centerpieces justice. The room looked lovely with the various albums, large votives, and petals. I know the guests had a great time looking at the various album covers they may have remembered and we used flameless candles and had a safe, realistic, soft glow all around the room.

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