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Before Two-Year-Old

Sephy loves her baby-doll.  She took it to the Dr’s office with us last night when we went to get G-man weighed.  Then she wanted to take her to daycare with her this morning and I had to talk her into leaving her at home because, “She’s a super-special present just for her and didn’t she want to keep her nice and safe at home?”


With her new baby-doll

She definitely enjoyed playing with her – taking her out of the basket, hugging her and rocking her, putting her back in the basket and covering her up…




After Two-Year-Old

After Two-Year-Old




Here is the same poor baby-doll last night after a few hours play.  I knew I should have tacked that pillow in.  I have absolutely no idea where it is – I looked.



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Completed Baby Doll


Here it is, all finished up.  I just love it, and I can’t wait to give it to Sephy tonight.  If she were a little bit older she would probably be asking me to make her doll clothes after this.  As it is, I might have to find a “dolly and me” pattern to make her and another baby doll she has matching dresses.

I’ll try to post a picture of her with her new doll tomorrow.

I love the feeling of finishing a project, especially when it’s a gift for someone!

BabyI know that I need to get caught up on my Granny Square Project, but I’m going to take a couple of days and work on some Irish Crochet tape I’ve been wanting to make. We’ll start back up with the Grannies on Monday.


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One Day More


Ok, is this not incredibly adorable?

After the gauge issues I had with the basket I dropped down a hook size and that seems to have resolved my issues for the most part.  The bumper was still slightly too big in circumference for the basket, but fortunately the little pucker can be hidden behind the pillow.  The sleeper seems to have come out nicely though.  I started and finished that up today.

BabyThe pattern didn’t call for it, and you can’t see it very well in the picture, but I felt the sleeper needed an edging at the neckline and ties at the back.  So I added that in the contrasting color white yarn.  That will also help keep my daughter from undressing the poor baby.

I must say also that I really like the baby that came with this kit versus the one pictured.  It’s got a cute smile and actual glass eyes instead of painted ones.

The only thing I have left to do is the bonnet.  I’m hoping to get that done tomorrow.


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Weekend Fail


So I failed at posting this weekend.  The kids have me two against one since Husband is working weekends now and it’s just too hard to get posts in those days.  I might have to just stick to posting during the week.

I got a little bit done on Sephy’s gift Saturday.  I started the basket’s bumper and finished it up on my breaks today.  BabyThe four ties that attach it to the handles are supposed to be sewn to the bumper but instead I made half of the chains and then joined them with single crochets to the bumper and completed the rest of the chains.  This was easier and seemed like it would be more secure to me.

I think it’s looking pretty cute and all I have left to do is the baby’s sleeper and bonnet.  I’m started to get excited about giving it to her.


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At the DMV


I didn’t get as much done today as I had hoped.  I took the morning off and went to the DMV to get the Van titled and licensed.  Yay fun.

I brought my crochet bag with me, anticipating the typical long wait.  Imagine my surprise when I realized I was number 31 and they were already on 28.  I was called within 5 minutes and done and back out to the van in less than 15.  I didn’t have a chance to open my bag let alone get anything done.

I spent the afternoon working from home and picked up the kids from daycare and took them to visit Mimi and Papa so I didn’t get a chance to even pick this up until 10:00 pm after I finally got G-man down.


The basked looks much, much better after frogging and re-crocheting.  I also got the mattress and the pillow stuffed and closed and tacked the mattress inside the basket.  This week has really gotten away from me and I don’t think I’ll be finished tomorrow.  It will probably take me most of the weekend.

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The Frog Cometh

Frog 1

Always. Check. Your. Gauge.

Well this time I DID check my gauge and I STILL had issues.

My stitches have always been unusually small and tight.  So anytime I work on something where gauge is important I usually end up using a crochet hook two times bigger than called for.  This project called for a US size D or 3.25 mm hook.  When I made the gauge swatch I had to go up to a size G or 4.25 mm in order for my swatch to meet the indicated measurements.  That’s three sizes up! But somehow it still didn’t work out and my gauge was too big instead.

The instructions call for the assembly of the plastic canvas that supports the basket after crocheting the basket.  I wish I’d assembled the canvas first.  The base of my  basket ended up being a good inch too big for the canvas.  Figures.

Frog 2Rip it! Rip it! Rip it!  I frogged the basket clear back down to the base, ripped out two full rounds of the base, and started on the basket walls from there.  I’ve gotten two more rounds back up the side of the wall and it looks and fits much better.   Picture for that tomorrow.  I also had to go back and frog two rounds from the top and bottom pieces of the mattress before joining them together so it wouldn’t be too big to fit in the bottom of the basket.

This is why I rarely work on projects where gauge is crucial.  Even when I do take the time to check my gauge and adjust my hook and stitches things still often come out wrong.   I really feel like I should be a better crocheter than this with all my years of experience.  <Shakes head at self admonishingly and rolls eyes.>  Sigh.

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Baby Doll Progress


I’m getting there with this project.  Last night I actually skipped doing dishes and instead finished up the basket and started on the little “mattress” while watching The Horse Whisper that my Husband left playing on the TV.  I’ve seen that movie dozens of times.  He often gets frustrated with me for watching movies that I’ve seen over and over again.  But it works well for me. If I’ve seen a movie, I can sit there and crochet, not having to give my undivided attention to following the plot.  (This also works well if he’s watching a move that I’m really not interested in. Shhh!)Baby

Today I finished one side of the mattress and almost got the second side done.  I have the bumper, handles, ties and the doll dress and bonnet left to do.  I also have to put stuffing in the pillow and mattress and do some assembly.

The pattern doesn’t call for it, but I think I’m going to tack the mattress into the bottom of the basket.  I might even do the same with the pillow.  Otherwise I know that Sephy will be taking pieces out and leaving them all over the house.  As it is I’m going to find the blanket, the doll and the basket all in different places at one time or another.

I think I am still on track for getting done this week.  It will be so fun to see Sephy’s reaction when I give this to her!

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30 Days of Blog

10257575_10203950491468669_9028171033787255028_oSo a friend of mine does a daily blog challenge in June every year and invited me to join this time around.  Which really is good because I am ser-i-ous-ly behind in the Granny Square Project.  I probably won’t get a post in EVERY day, but I’ll try.

So to start off with, here is what I am working on.  I had planned to make this baby doll and basket to give to Sephy when Greyson was born.  It is a kit from Mary Maxim Babyand if interested you can find it on their website by clicking on the picture.  I was going to start it right after Christmas last year so that I would have it done in time to give her at the hospital when she came to meet him.  He was due January 18th so I had plenty of time, right?  Yeah, not so much.  Since he decided to join us in time for Christmas Eve I didn’t even get this thing started.  And of course life with a newborn doesn’t leave much time for crocheting (hence being behind with the Granny Square Project too.)  But I finally started it the other night.  I’ve got the blanket and the pillow done and hope to finish the rest of it up this week.  I’ll post progress pictures starting tomorrow.

In addition to this, I have to get caught up on March’s second Granny Square as well as both squares from each of April and May.  I should have plenty to keep me in the blog posts so hopefully I’ll actually start getting some stuff done.  I also have some plans that I have been working on with my Sister over at Vintage Wedding Gems in the pipeline, but we’ll get to that a bit later.

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Christening Gown

I got the pattern for this Christening Gown  designed by Kathleen Harell from my Mary Maxim catalogue.  Persephone wore this for her Baby Blessing, which we had given during the Christmas Eve Service this year. 

I really loved this pattern.  Clothing is generally not my favorite to crochet, however this pattern was very easy to work up, very well written and easy to read.  The bodice, which you can see better in the stock photo here, works up in one piece, from one side to the back to other side.    This is done with increases for shaping at each shoulder.  The sleeves and the skirt are both just worked onto the foundation of the bodice.  Click on the stock photo to go to this pattern for sale on the Mary Maxim website.


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