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Toddler Dress

Dress AI’ve been meaning to make my daughter a dress for a while now.  Clothing is not generally my favorite thing to make, maybe because I don’t like the added requirement of having to focus on my gauge.  I can do it, I just don’t enjoy it so I don’t make much clothing from patterns, and I design even fewer – especially with regards to sizing.  So when I made this dress I pretty much crocheted it free hand as I went and custom sized it by having her try it on at different stages.

Dress BI worked it from the collar down in once piece with four increases at the front and back of the shoulders.  Then I chained and skipped stitches for the arm holes and joined in the back so there was an opening for buttons.  After this I continued working in rounds and eventually added a row of chain-2, skip-2, dc for a belt.  I must not have tried the finished bodice on her before I started the skirt because it’s just a tad longer than I would like.

The white colar at the neck is just shells, and the ruffles at the shoulder are just two rows of 2 double crochets in each stitch.

For the skirt, I basically used a round ripple afghan pattern for the chevrons with a 3 dc decrease at the valleys instead of a skip-2 so there were only holes at the peaks.  It worked well for an aesthetic way to increase each round for a full skirt.

Dress CI was going to add a shell edging after the last white round, but it looked better when I got to it to just stop there.  Then I worked a long chain for the belt.  The center part is just single crochets for around the waist, but each end hanging down is a corkscrew curling ribbon.  This is way simpler than it may look – just work 3 single crochets in each chain and it naturally curls.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a starting point for making more dresses for her in the future.  I probably won’t write this pattern out yet.  Maybe after a few more iterations to work out the kinks.  Anyway, she loves it because her favorite color is purple.

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May – Square Nine

May – Square Nine

If you haven’t noticed, I have been using yarn from my stash to make each of my squares and not buying any new.  As a result, I’ve been using different yarn types together where I normally never would.  The most common example of this has been using worsted weight Red Heart yarn with the lighter Caron Simply Soft.  But this is more of a sampler piece, so that rule is temporarily suspended.  Because the weights and textures are different, I often have to change the size of the crochet hook I’m using in order to maintain the same gauge after changing yarns.

May’s first square is another extremely simple Granny, however I found a lovely variegated cotton yarn in my stash that I used to make my family dish cloths for Christmas a few years back.  The color just said “May” to me and the cotton texture will definitely stand out in the finished afghan.

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The Frog Cometh

Frog 1

Always. Check. Your. Gauge.

Well this time I DID check my gauge and I STILL had issues.

My stitches have always been unusually small and tight.  So anytime I work on something where gauge is important I usually end up using a crochet hook two times bigger than called for.  This project called for a US size D or 3.25 mm hook.  When I made the gauge swatch I had to go up to a size G or 4.25 mm in order for my swatch to meet the indicated measurements.  That’s three sizes up! But somehow it still didn’t work out and my gauge was too big instead.

The instructions call for the assembly of the plastic canvas that supports the basket after crocheting the basket.  I wish I’d assembled the canvas first.  The base of my  basket ended up being a good inch too big for the canvas.  Figures.

Frog 2Rip it! Rip it! Rip it!  I frogged the basket clear back down to the base, ripped out two full rounds of the base, and started on the basket walls from there.  I’ve gotten two more rounds back up the side of the wall and it looks and fits much better.   Picture for that tomorrow.  I also had to go back and frog two rounds from the top and bottom pieces of the mattress before joining them together so it wouldn’t be too big to fit in the bottom of the basket.

This is why I rarely work on projects where gauge is crucial.  Even when I do take the time to check my gauge and adjust my hook and stitches things still often come out wrong.   I really feel like I should be a better crocheter than this with all my years of experience.  <Shakes head at self admonishingly and rolls eyes.>  Sigh.

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Disappointing Delicious Pullover

Just to be clear to begin with, this is NOT made with the red sparkle yarn I harvested the other day.

This is a very pretty sweater for which the pattern was included in the January 2011 issue of Crochet! magazine called “Berry Delicious Pullover.”   It was made with Red Heart Sparkle, medium worsted weight yarn.  The design on the piece is made with a modified puff stitch they call the berry stitch.  The pyramids of berries on the waist and the sleeves and the inverted pyramid on the collar are really very neat.  All other stitches are single crochet with increasing and decreasing for shaping.

I must say however, that I am extremely disappointed.  It looks nice enough right? Yeah, well I had a couple different issues with this thing.

The Pattern – There were multiple errors in the sizing of this pattern.  I made the medium size and found as I worked that the optional number of stitches for the various sizing were not always correct  (Sc in each of next 4[4, 6, 6, 6, 8] sts – for XS, S, M, L, XL & 2XL, for example.)  A few rows even left out a whole section of the row that had to be worked.  Normally when I work on a project, I have to tell myself, “Just trust the pattern.  It will work out alright.” if I find myself having trouble seeing the pattern doing what I think it is supposed to do.  But I got to the point as I worked with this pattern that I could not trust that it wasn’t me doing something wrong instead of the pattern being in correct.   I don’t think that this pattern was tested in all sizes before it was published.  Very disappointing, and I’ll be hesitant to crochet something like this from Crochet! for some time.

My Gauge – Oh boy…  I made this sweater intending it for myself.  I’ve never made myself a sweater before – just others. So I wanted something pretty to wear that I had made.  Let me say this.  I DID check my gauge!  The medium size is supposed to have a 37 1/2 inch bust, which is larger than what I needed, but the next size down was too small.  When I finished it up and tried it on, it sort of fit, but not really.  I could get it on, but it was a really close, snug fit – not at all the relaxed comfortable fit displayed in the  product picture.  I won’t wear it.  It’s just too snug, probably closer to a 32 than a 37 1/2.  And I won’t go back and make another one either considering all the mistakes in the pattern.  Which again cause me to wonder if I made a mistake in my gauge, or if the pattern’s sizing was actually incorrect.  Medium actually equaled extra small I think.

I’m very bummed.  Anyway, maybe I’ll try and sell it on Etsy or something.  It is very pretty once I got past the pattern errors and got it finished.  Just not for me.  Will anyone who is on the tiny side (or with a pre-teen daughter maybe) give me $25 for it?  If you do, and you send me pictures of her modeling it I will post here!  Lots of hours went into working this up.  Ha!


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Accidental Toque-Blanche

This is what happens when you forget to check your gauge!  This was supposed to be a beret but ended up more like a chef’s hat.  Using too big of a crochet hook made it too big, and the double yarn used made it stand up.  It has to be one of the cutest mistakes I ever made.

Always check your gauge!

Stitched in Love,


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