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September – Square Seventeen

maze september 17

September – Square Seventeen

I have finally gotten back to the grannies!  This cute little square looks like a maze.  It can look so different by reversing the order of the colors or by making it in solids.  The pattern for this square can be found here and is really very simple if you are comfortable with post stitches!

I did modify the pattern for myself just a little bit.  It called for treble crochet stitches where it wasn’t really necessary, so I only did trebles on the front post stitches. All other stitches I completed as double crochets.  I also joined the corners with a double crochet instead of the chain 3 and slip stitch in the pattern.  One thing I would do differently if I did it over would be to only do a chain 2 for the corners instead of a chain 3 to tighten things just a little.

So the Granny Square project was supposed to be a 2014 project, but is going to take me well into 2015.  There are so many projects that I want to do and just not enough time!

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Black Friday Sale on My Ravelry Shop!

PatternsI have 12 patterns available in my Ravelry store.  Seven are for sale and the rest are free!  No pattern  is more than $5.00 full price.

Starting today and running through this Sunday, November 30, 2014 take 50% off your entire purchase with the BLACKFRIDAY2014 coupon code!  There are no limits.  Purchase all of the patterns or just one!

Have a great holiday season!

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June – Square Twelve


June – Square Twelve

This square makes me think of the ’90s blue and white country cottage style with things like goose canisters and dishes.

It’s a simple daisy with the basic granny square following.  I’ll put the pattern for this out on Ravelry and it will be free for one week!  Use the following code to redeem for the free pattern through Tuesday August 12, 2014.   FREEDAISYGRANNY

After that the pattern will be $1.50 here:


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June – Square Eleven


June – Square Eleven

I really like this square.  It turned out very pretty.  The 3-d effect is accomplished by working behind every other petal on the flower, and then picking the tip of the flower back up after a few rows to anchor it.  I got the pattern for this square here.

If you look at the pictures on Ravelry, you can see how much you can change the look of this pattern by changing not only the colors, but the progression of color changes and even what rows you change the colors on.

I did not follow the pattern’s instruction on when to change colors and I really like how it came out.  Also, the pattern is for nine-inch and twelve-inch squares.  It provides additional rows for the twelve-inch.  Since I only needed seven inches I used a smaller hook.  I completed the rounds for a nine-inch square and still needed a little more width.  I did not really like what the pattern called for so I just completed two more rounds of half-double crochets.

That reminds me of another note on this square.  After the flower is completed, rounds are stitched in half-double crochets.  Hdcs are not my favorite stitch.  The rhythm of making the stitch just doesn’t flow quite as well as a double-crochet for me.  That being said, I really like the look of the hdc rows instead of double-crochets.

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May – Square Ten

May – Square Ten

Here is another great square using the yarn I mentioned previously from my Grandmother’s stash. It was a bit difficult to work with. I’m not sure if that’s because it’s a wool blend, or due to it’s age, but I often had a hard time catching the yarn with my hook.

I found the neat pattern for this stand-out star here.  The effect is created with Front Post Double Crochet stitches.  I modified the edging a little to stay within my 7 inches.  My star doesn’t stand out quite as well and I think that is also due to the yarn I used and it’s weight and age.

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Loose Ends…

Well, I have been remiss and failed to keep up with the 30 days of blog since last Tuesday.  I have totally bombed the final week of 30 Days of Blog.  Every day just seemed to be too much for me this year so I’ll have to see if I can do better next year.

I do have to say, however, as a working mother of two, 19 posts in 30 days is pretty good, and I believe it is more than I have ever done in a month.  I’ve gotten more crocheting done in the last month than I probably have in the last year.  I certainly do need to make more time for myself to crochet.  I can’t normally do it every day, but at least a few times a week should be possible.  I think I’ve proven that to myself this month at least.

That’s one of those things about Motherhood that you just don’t understand until your there yourself – complete lack of time.  It’s amazing how fast you can get things done that used to take you the whole evening  once you got home from work, because you have so many other things that have to get done too.  On the other hand, something that used to take you 5 minutes takes you an hour because you have to stop and put a binki back in the baby’s mouth every 30 seconds, and tell the toddler for the 50th time to stop drinking out of the dog’s water dish (pretending to be a dog herself.)

I have gotten behind in keeping up with the dishes, (including the darn baby bottles and pump parts) and the laundry in order to do my posts this month.  There have been a few times I was pulling diaper liners out of the dryer to stuff so that I could put them on a kid.  But the traffic on my site has increased dramatically and I think a short-term intense campaign has been worth it.  Now I just have to find the balance I need to keep up with both.  One or two posts a week should do the trick.

CAM01209_1I had hoped to get caught up on the Granny Square Project and didn’t get that done.  But I am a lot closer to being on track than I was at the beginning of the month.  This green yarn will be May’s second square.  It’s actually a skein from my Grandma Townsend’s old stash that my Dad had given to me and I had previously started another project with.  I honestly don’t even remember what it was going to be – maybe a Prayer Shawl.  But didn’t like where it was going so it ended up in a bag with my yarn stash.  I frogged it this morning and now have this nice pile ready to start Square Ten.

Thanks so much to my friend for inviting me to join the insanity for this year’s 30 Days of Blog.  It has been great for me.  See you next year!

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May – Square Nine

May – Square Nine

If you haven’t noticed, I have been using yarn from my stash to make each of my squares and not buying any new.  As a result, I’ve been using different yarn types together where I normally never would.  The most common example of this has been using worsted weight Red Heart yarn with the lighter Caron Simply Soft.  But this is more of a sampler piece, so that rule is temporarily suspended.  Because the weights and textures are different, I often have to change the size of the crochet hook I’m using in order to maintain the same gauge after changing yarns.

May’s first square is another extremely simple Granny, however I found a lovely variegated cotton yarn in my stash that I used to make my family dish cloths for Christmas a few years back.  The color just said “May” to me and the cotton texture will definitely stand out in the finished afghan.

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