June – Square Eleven


June – Square Eleven

I really like this square.  It turned out very pretty.  The 3-d effect is accomplished by working behind every other petal on the flower, and then picking the tip of the flower back up after a few rows to anchor it.  I got the pattern for this square here.

If you look at the pictures on Ravelry, you can see how much you can change the look of this pattern by changing not only the colors, but the progression of color changes and even what rows you change the colors on.

I did not follow the pattern’s instruction on when to change colors and I really like how it came out.  Also, the pattern is for nine-inch and twelve-inch squares.  It provides additional rows for the twelve-inch.  Since I only needed seven inches I used a smaller hook.  I completed the rounds for a nine-inch square and still needed a little more width.  I did not really like what the pattern called for so I just completed two more rounds of half-double crochets.

That reminds me of another note on this square.  After the flower is completed, rounds are stitched in half-double crochets.  Hdcs are not my favorite stitch.  The rhythm of making the stitch just doesn’t flow quite as well as a double-crochet for me.  That being said, I really like the look of the hdc rows instead of double-crochets.


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