The Frog Cometh

Frog 1

Always. Check. Your. Gauge.

Well this time I DID check my gauge and I STILL had issues.

My stitches have always been unusually small and tight.  So anytime I work on something where gauge is important I usually end up using a crochet hook two times bigger than called for.  This project called for a US size D or 3.25 mm hook.  When I made the gauge swatch I had to go up to a size G or 4.25 mm in order for my swatch to meet the indicated measurements.  That’s three sizes up! But somehow it still didn’t work out and my gauge was too big instead.

The instructions call for the assembly of the plastic canvas that supports the basket after crocheting the basket.  I wish I’d assembled the canvas first.  The base of my  basket ended up being a good inch too big for the canvas.  Figures.

Frog 2Rip it! Rip it! Rip it!  I frogged the basket clear back down to the base, ripped out two full rounds of the base, and started on the basket walls from there.  I’ve gotten two more rounds back up the side of the wall and it looks and fits much better.   Picture for that tomorrow.  I also had to go back and frog two rounds from the top and bottom pieces of the mattress before joining them together so it wouldn’t be too big to fit in the bottom of the basket.

This is why I rarely work on projects where gauge is crucial.  Even when I do take the time to check my gauge and adjust my hook and stitches things still often come out wrong.   I really feel like I should be a better crocheter than this with all my years of experience.  <Shakes head at self admonishingly and rolls eyes.>  Sigh.


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