At the DMV


I didn’t get as much done today as I had hoped.  I took the morning off and went to the DMV to get the Van titled and licensed.  Yay fun.

I brought my crochet bag with me, anticipating the typical long wait.  Imagine my surprise when I realized I was number 31 and they were already on 28.  I was called within 5 minutes and done and back out to the van in less than 15.  I didn’t have a chance to open my bag let alone get anything done.

I spent the afternoon working from home and picked up the kids from daycare and took them to visit Mimi and Papa so I didn’t get a chance to even pick this up until 10:00 pm after I finally got G-man down.


The basked looks much, much better after frogging and re-crocheting.  I also got the mattress and the pillow stuffed and closed and tacked the mattress inside the basket.  This week has really gotten away from me and I don’t think I’ll be finished tomorrow.  It will probably take me most of the weekend.


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