Baby Doll Progress


I’m getting there with this project.  Last night I actually skipped doing dishes and instead finished up the basket and started on the little “mattress” while watching The Horse Whisper that my Husband left playing on the TV.  I’ve seen that movie dozens of times.  He often gets frustrated with me for watching movies that I’ve seen over and over again.  But it works well for me. If I’ve seen a movie, I can sit there and crochet, not having to give my undivided attention to following the plot.  (This also works well if he’s watching a move that I’m really not interested in. Shhh!)Baby

Today I finished one side of the mattress and almost got the second side done.  I have the bumper, handles, ties and the doll dress and bonnet left to do.  I also have to put stuffing in the pillow and mattress and do some assembly.

The pattern doesn’t call for it, but I think I’m going to tack the mattress into the bottom of the basket.  I might even do the same with the pillow.  Otherwise I know that Sephy will be taking pieces out and leaving them all over the house.  As it is I’m going to find the blanket, the doll and the basket all in different places at one time or another.

I think I am still on track for getting done this week.  It will be so fun to see Sephy’s reaction when I give this to her!


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