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10257575_10203950491468669_9028171033787255028_oSo a friend of mine does a daily blog challenge in June every year and invited me to join this time around.  Which really is good because I am ser-i-ous-ly behind in the Granny Square Project.  I probably won’t get a post in EVERY day, but I’ll try.

So to start off with, here is what I am working on.  I had planned to make this baby doll and basket to give to Sephy when Greyson was born.  It is a kit from Mary Maxim Babyand if interested you can find it on their website by clicking on the picture.  I was going to start it right after Christmas last year so that I would have it done in time to give her at the hospital when she came to meet him.  He was due January 18th so I had plenty of time, right?  Yeah, not so much.  Since he decided to join us in time for Christmas Eve I didn’t even get this thing started.  And of course life with a newborn doesn’t leave much time for crocheting (hence being behind with the Granny Square Project too.)  But I finally started it the other night.  I’ve got the blanket and the pillow done and hope to finish the rest of it up this week.  I’ll post progress pictures starting tomorrow.

In addition to this, I have to get caught up on March’s second Granny Square as well as both squares from each of April and May.  I should have plenty to keep me in the blog posts so hopefully I’ll actually start getting some stuff done.  I also have some plans that I have been working on with my Sister over at Vintage Wedding Gems in the pipeline, but we’ll get to that a bit later.


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