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30 Days of Blog 2017 – Five

So year before last I was short on cash and let my domain name expire. (It was stitchedinlove.com) It got swooped up and held hostage (not being used) as a premium domain for the price of like $300.00. Nope. Not going to pay that. If you’d been realistic and done like $50.00 or maybe even $100.00, I might have bit my lip and taken the hit. But that much is ridiculous.  You don’t have me over the barrel that you think you do here.

So I tried biding my time, figuring it was worth a try.  It was set to expire on June 1st, but of course they renewed it, and now the premium domain price is $783.00 with a minimum offering price of $509.00 required. <Insert maniacal laugh.>

So I did some brainstorming and some collaborating with my crafty friends and finally ended up wondering why I hadn’t used StitchedInLoveCrocheting.com in the fist place. The only thing that I can think of is that it’s a bit long, but it doesn’t seem too bad to me now.  It’s more specific and clear what the website is with this URL anyway. I like it better than the other URL, so there!

As a result, I’ve had to go back and update my watermarks with the new address.


emailTransparent SILC Line


Teal Signature


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