30 Days of Blog 2015 – Day 4

I bet you can start to see the stocking in all this yarn now, can’t you?

It was a bit tricky to work the heel and come back and connect the next row with the jersey stitches.

Also, I  had to relocate to a different table in the break room at lunch because someone got to the table I normally use two steps before me.  Of course, it is the only grey table there and I really should have used a green table from the beginning, but I prefer the grey top for the background.  Plus, that table is right next to the window and gave me good light for the pictures.  But I guess really I should use one of the rest of the tables going forward since the chance of getting the one grey table every single day is pretty low.

On to the leg tomorrow!

Day 4

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June 4, 2015 · 4:35 pm

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