30 Days of Blog 2017 – Six

Crochet ToothI have these adorable Tooth Fair Kits available in my Etsy shop.

These kits are crazy cute! They include a 5-6″ hand crocheted “pillow” with a pocket on the back for the lost tooth/payment. It has four “roots” and is stuffed with poly fill. For crocheters, you can find the pattern here. I modified it slightly by using two strands of yarn instead of one, and crocheting an extra round on the underside once all four roots were added, before stuffing and closing up.

SAMPLE Blue Tooth Identification Chart

Also available are Lost Tooth Charts, and Tooth Fairy receipts!  Pictures of these don’t do them justice because they are printed on a medium card stock and coated in a fine, shimmering fairy dust!


The chart and receipts are available in either blue or purple themes!  See the Etsy listing Here!
Sample Purple Watermark

Teal Signature


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