Idea – Spiderman Afghan

Awhile back I saw a picture of a Spiderman Afghan while I was surfing the net.  I immediately thought that I needed to make one for each of my nephews!  The site I found it on had no pattern but that wasn’t a big deal.  The ripple baby afghan that I’ve made probably a dozen times (I actually haven’t posted about that yet) would work perfectly just by modifying the colors and adding the rounds of black.

When I went searching for the picture again to include on this post I found a LOT of them.  (Go ahead.  Google images for “Spiderman Afghan” and see how many you get.) And one of them even linked to (drumroll please) a pattern!  Click on the image for the link to the website with this pattern.  After looking through the pattern I’m not actually sure if I will use it or not.  I already had some ideas for how to modify my ripple baby afghan so I might just do that.  But this gives me an option anyway.

I’m feeling Christmas presents for the nephews this year!


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