Yarn Harvesting – Red Sparkle

Ok, so here is my first yarn harvesting!  This is from a red knit turtle neck with a metallic thread that runs with the yarn.  The metallic adds a nice sparkle, though I was worried that it would cause problems in winding, or a lot of breakage.  Fortunately this was not the case.

This is the sweater used as I was taking the seams apart.

           And now I have four skeins of red sparkle yarn.  What to do with it… hmm…  I’ve been thinking about crocheting a red tree skirt for the tree at Christmas.  I’ve got a good amount here, but I’m not sure if it is enough or not.  I’ll have to think about that.  But this much yarn would have cost me probably around $30 at my LYS (local yarn shop.)  I got the sweater for $4.


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