The Granny Square Project

This was my first Granny Square project.

This was my first Granny Square project. (Stock photo from pattern book.)

Like many crocheters, one of my very first projects was made up of Granny Squares.  The basic Granny Square is very simple and you can connect and combine them in a variety of ways to make endless different projects.  There are also countless variations on the basic Granny Square allowing crocheters an infinite variety of options in creating works of art.

But I have a confession to make… I always hated making Granny Squares.  By the time I finished the above project I was so bored with it!  When I crochet, I generally like to sit back and relax and crochet continuously, row after row.  But with a Granny Square you are usually creating one round and finishing off to change colors for the next round.  I disliked not being able to just sit back and relax and simply crochet.

In an effort to increase my appreciation for the Granny Square, I have decided to do a year-long project focused on these little gems.  So here’s the plan:  I will make 2 Granny Squares a month, for 12 months in 2014.  Each square will be a different variation on the Granny Square. At the end of the year I will join them all together into a 4×6 square afghan.  Each square should only take me an evening or two to make so I won’t have to spend all my time on the project, but will still get to create a variety of squares.  Probably the biggest challenge will be to modify my gauge and get all the squares to be the same size.

I’m starting my research for different squares to use on Pinterest so feel free to follow my board.  Also, feel free to send in your own Granny Square variation pattern suggestions either by email or on Facebook.  I’ll take pictures and post each month’s squares as we go too!


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