Cotton Rounds

Cotton Rounds 2It’s not very often that I make something for myself.  But I took a break over the last couple of days and did just that.  I saw a pin on Pinterest for a pattern in a UK crochet magazine that was an idea I could really use. cotton roundsI like to use cotton rounds to clean my face with astringent.

Even at 35 (Oops. There it is.)  it’s still the only way I feel like I’ve gotten the dirt and oil off my skin.  I fell in love with cotton rounds instead of cotton balls when I found them.  But I’m constantly buying new and throwing them away.  These rounds are also made of cotton, but are reusable.  I tried them out already and they work great.  The pin I saw on these looked like it was just one round but that seemed too small to me, so I did a second round of single crochet.  But after using them I think the single round (I did treble crochets) would work fine.

Finished Size:

1.5 – 2 inches wide

Required materials:
  • Cotton yarn
  • Size F Crochet Hook

Cotton Round:

Round 1: In a magic ring, ch 3, treble crochet 19, join with sl st in beg ch 3. Tighten the magic ring until the center hole is about the size of a pencil.

Optional Round 2: Ch 1, 2 sc in same st and in each around, join with sl st in first sc. Finish off.


Chain 35, sl st in 5th ch from hook and in each across to beg chain, 9 sc in beg ch. Finish off.

Weave all yarn ends.  Wash prior to use according to yarn label.  Thread the rounds onto the rope and hang near your bathroom sink.


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