So far I am really appreciating my goals list.  I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish a crochet project, but checking off items on my list is adding to that.

I did really well for the month of March.  I finished The Granny Square Project as planned and made my daughter a simple sweater to go with her Easter dress. But then I ran into a problem.

When I finished the sweater and went searching for my thread to start my parasol, I realized that I had packed it away in my cedar chest, which we have moved into the garage of the new house.  Not only that, but it has boxes and boxes of other stuff stacked on top of it.  I thought seriously about just going and buying new thread, but I’ve got a lot of thread and I’m just not willing to buy more.  So the parasol is just going to have to wait.  Until when, I’m not exactly sure.  In the mean time I’m just going to have to move forward with my list and come back later.

So, I jumped ahead to my April Goals. I finished writing my boot cuff pattern and started writing the Boots the Monkey Pattern, however I am out of the yarn that I used to make that so I need go get some of that before I can continue.

I feel like I am doing very well so far in my goals even though I haven’t been able to get the Parasol started. I should be able to get most of May’s goals done in April.

I have also added a few other projects and had a few custom orders to complete that I will write another post for.

April Goals


  1. Finish The Granny Square Project 
  2. Sephy’s Easter Sweater 
  3. BONUS: Start Parasol – ON HOLD


  1. Parasol – ON HOLD
  2. BONUS: Write Boot Cuffs Pattern
  3. BONUS: Write Boots the Monkey Hat Pattern
  4. UNPLANNED (Custom Order) – Very Hungry Caterpillar Cocoon
  5. UNPLANNED (Custom Order) – Puppy Dog beanie and Diaper Cover
  6. UNPLANNED (Custom Order) – Baby Blanket
  7. ADDED – Bumblebee  Cocoon & Pattern
  8. ADDED: Mermaid Cocoon
  9. ADDED: Ladybug Cocoon & Pattern


  1. Finish writing Cuffs and Monkey Patterns
  2. Christmas Stockings for Family (4)


  1. Finish Christmas Stockings
  2. Christmas Tree Skirt

July – Finish Christmas Tree Skirt

August – Afghan Christmas Present #1

September – Afghan Christmas Present #2

October – Afghan Christmas Present #3


  1. Happypotamusses for Sephy and Greyson
  2. BONUS: Start Sweet 16 Afghan


  1. Sweet 16 Afghan
  2. Mitten Ornaments


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