30 Days of Blog 2017 – Twenty-Two


I have this really cute set available on Etsy after making it for my daughter. The pictures of the receipts and tooth chart just don’t do them justice because they are coated in shimmering fairy dust! I also have listings for just electronic files do you can print those off too. The pattern for the little tooth is free here. I modified it slightly by crocheting with the same sized hook, but using two strands of yarn instead so that it was slightly bigger, and you don’t see holes through the stitches, keeping the stuffing from showing. I also crocheted an extra round on the underside once all four roots were added, before stuffing and closing up. I used safety eyes on mine instead of adding felt or embroidering.

My Mom just ordered a pair for a gift so there are three pending orders I now need to do as soon as I have the Mermaid dress finished.

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