30 Days of Blog 2017 – Thirty

This is the first year I have completed all 30 days of 30 Days of  Blog!  I’ve had several years where I dropped off halfway through, or missed many posts in between. I think I even dropped off one year due to morning sickness.  But, even with three littles running around I’ve managed to do all 30 days this year!

Last year during 30  Days of Blog I worked on a few orders, and my Mom’s Christmas gift of a peacock tree skirt for her themed tree.  (Which in looking, I realize I haven’t ever done a post for, so that will be forthcoming.)

I was also working on planning my costume for my sister’s Halloween party, which turned out to be the Emerald Mermaid Costume Dress (official design name for the design competition).  These are some of the images I was using for inspiration before making a mermaid costume had actually occurred to me.

PicMonkey Collage

I barely got it done in time last year for the party, and then decided to enter it in the CGOA Design Competition.  But I decided if I was going to do that I needed to do some reworking on it.  I’m still not one hundred percent pleased with it, and if I ever publish the pattern I’m going to have to do some further rework still. But a year later, it’s “done”!

Dress 1

So that’s it for this year.  Hopefully next year I can get all 30 days too!

Teal Signature


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