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Sage Lattice Prayer Shawl

I’ve been working on several different prayer shawls and the patterns for them lately, both because we’re in need of them in the Prayer Shawl group we have at church, and because I’ve got a lot of different yarn left over from other projects that I need to get used up.  I figured this was the perfect way!

Being the middle of summer I wanted to design something that could be used to keep warm in the air conditioning, but still be delicate and light to match the time of year.  This yarn is very light weight and would work perfect for that.  I combined it with the very simple, open lattice-work stitching which is just double crochets and chains, and it turned out very nicely.

To add just a little bit of weight and definition to the piece I did a reverse single crochet, otherwise known as the lobster claw, edging.  It put a nice rolled-hem like finish on the shawl and really defined the edges.  I’ve used the revers single crochet on some dishcloths before, but I’ve never used it on a full sized project and I really like it.

So this shawl is ready to go to our Prayer Shawl Group’s monthly meeting on Thursday to be prayed over and then given to someone in our congregation in need of it.  I can’t wait!


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