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30 Days of Blog 2017 – Three

20170602_153025I got the surface crocheting and the shoulder straps removed from the neckline night.  I’ve got some notes started on the rework, but the real documentation for the rework pattern starts next!

Prep work and planning always take longer than you want it to.  I want to get in there and start crocheting!

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30 Days of Blog 2015 – Day 9

topI am really getting off track with the Christmas stockings this week.  We stopped by the thrift store and I picked up this pretty top.  But I didn’t get it to wear.  I got it for the satin ribbon yarn.  It’s very pretty, heavy, and has great drape.

I spent just an hour unraveling it and winding it into four hanks for a total of 322 yards of nice ribbon yarn.

I washed it and it relaxed very nicely without having to weight it at all, and now it is hanging to dry.  I will post these for sale on Etsy once the hanks are dry.



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Recycled Yarn = Frogging

So I have been corrected.  Recycling yarn is called Frogging.  “Ripp-it, Ripp-it!”

This one is the latest.  This sweater yielded some really great wine-colored chenille yarn which I turned into Berets.  I think I might sell these on Etsy.












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