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Wrapped Up

RuthieAnd here it is! This is my Aunt Ruthie with her Granny Square Project afghan.  Ruth has made my family and I several quilts over the years including when my Husband and I were married and when our Daughter was born.  She also tells me that she has a quilt on the machine right now for my son! I wanted to send her something in return so she was the first person I thought of when deciding who to give the finished Granny Square Project to.

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The Granny Square Project Complete

I am so excited to be posting this.  I have finished The Granny Square Project!  I got the pictures I wanted of the final afghan taken today, and now it is all packaged up and ready to ship out tomorrow!



Of course, when I was packing it up I realized that my tissue paper has been moved over to the new house. So I wrapped it up in an old doily instead and I ended up liking that more anyway.20150323_211609_2_1

I can’t wait for the surprise recipient to get this!



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