Super-Long Scarf

My boss is moving to our office in Rockland, Maine.  So I made him this scarf to keep warm.  He had mentioned that he used to have this really long scarf that was very thick.  He said that he could fold it in half, wrap it around his neck and thread the loose ends though the folded end.  So I made him one that he could do just so with.

This monster is 58 inches long, folded in half

It is made with a bulky yarn by holding two strands at once to make it extra thick and warm.  But to keep it flexible, I used single crochet and chain 1 stitches.  The ends are made in single crochet stitches with a two stitch increase (at the beginning) or decrease (at the end) for 4 rows.

That ought to keep him warm!

Stitched in Love,



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