Variegated Ripple Wrap

I am always cold at work.  For years I had been meaning to make myself a wrap that I could leave at work to help keep me warm and I finally did it last year.  I have several crochet books that just have pattern stitches in them.  They’re really great because they give me ideas for projects, but  I don’t have to be limited by a specific project.  These pattern books provide instructions on the stitches for the pattern but then they tell you how many stitches to do for one repeat, allowing you to make your project as big or as small as you want to.

This pattern called for an open stitch with alternating chain 1 spaces made on one side, but I wanted this wrap to be warmer so I modified it slightly.  I made the open stitches  for the first three rows for decorative appeal, but then I changed to making the closed stitches for the length of the wrap.  Then I changed back to the open stitches for the last three rows on the  far end to finish it off.

Like I’ve said, I just love variegated yarn.  The gradual changes in color are what makes this piece really neat, not  really the pattern.  And the yarn does it as if by magic.  I could not have planned the width of these ripples and how often the color changed to make the color pattern here. 

I made this wrap super long so that after I wrap it around my shoulders, I can also wrap it twice around each of my arms for extra warmth if needed.  I will add another post here shortly with the modified pattern I used to create this wrap.

Stitched in Love,



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