Bubble Gum Hat & Scarf

This is my Niece, Kaeli, and the first of the Christmas presents that I will post for this year.  I had this yarn that I had started a knitting project with but never finished.  I had wanted to learn how to knit and picked up a book and taught myself the basics.  But I just don’t enjoy it as much as crocheting so I’ve all but given it up. 

So instead I decided to use the rest of the yarn for this set.  The yarn is bulky and fun.  The colors make me think of bubble gum and just seemed perfect for a little girl.  It is hard to work with though as you can’t really see your own stitches in the last row or round, and I had to crochet it mostly by feel of where the loops were.  The Scarf was a little easier than the hat as I just used a single crochet and chain one stitch.  That way I could single crochet each row in the spaces from the previous row, making it much easier to feel where to insert the hook. 

I had to modify the pattern for the hat slightly so it wouldn’t be too big for a little girl’s head, and I was so worried that it wouldn’t fit.  But it seemed to work nicely. 

Stitched in Love,



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