Super-Duper Yarn Ball Winder

I am so excited.  I finally broke down and bought something that I have been wanting to add to my collection of crocheting tools for quite some time.  It’s the U-nitt Professional Yarn Ball Winder.  And it really is super-duper! 

There are, as with just about anything, lots of different models of yarn winders.  And since I was going to spend the money on it, I splurged for a really GOOD one.  This baby is a JUMBO winder and can wind up to 9-10 oz skeins.  It’s also “high-speed,” which doesn’t mean that you can turn the crank really fast (you don’t need to.)  It just means that with every single turn of the handle, the yarn is wound 13 times!   Woah!

It’s a good sturdy, heavy-duty metal winder instead of cheaper plastic one too.  It has a clamp on the bottom so I can attach it to just about any table top.

So, how much did I spend for this super-duper tool?  Well, I Ebayed it and spent $35.  I thought it was a reasonable price.  And this little beauty will save me hours of winding balls by hand, not to mention tired muscles.

I was nearly bouncing when I got home from work last night and the package had arrived.  It had about a million miles of bubble wrap around it and when I finally got that removed I took it to the kitchen table and attached the yarn guide with a wrench.  Then I was off.  I was having silly fun winding yarn, and Husband was all but rolling his eyes at me.

I got so many left-over skeins of yarn wound last night it was insane!    This tool will also be incredibly useful in my recycled yarn project.

Stitched in Love,



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