Recycled Yarn

I got the most wonderful idea today when reading over a fellow wordpresser’s blog.  In her post Unraveling, this fellow crafter talked about buying a sweater at a thrift store, unraveling the stitches, and using the yarn to make a hat.  I was completely inspired by this idea!

I love shopping at thrift stores.  I must admit when it comes to clothing I am very cheap.  I am usually very unwilling to pay $35 for a blouse, $50 for a pair of pants, or $75 for a suit or dress.  But I do like having cute clothes.  So I defer to thrift store shopping.  Most of my cutest outfits have come from thrift stores. 

You have to be patient when thrift shopping though.  There are a lot of very ugly pieces among the racks of second-hand clothes and you have to be in the mood to spend time sifting through the clutter to find anything good.  Sometimes you come away without having found anything.  Sometimes you hit the jackpot and come home with what would normally be $100 worth of clothes for $25.  Often you find things that still have the original price tag on them, having never been worn.

So I’m going to combine these two pleasures.  I’m going to the thrift store after I get off work tomorrow night, find the ugliest sweater I can, rip it out and see if I can make some great new crocheted project from it.  (This little exercise also has the potential to reduce my yarn budget too.)  I can’t wait to get started and see what happens!

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2 responses to “Recycled Yarn

  1. identité

    Ooooh, if you like recycled yarn you will LOVE this … my friend at The Grey Duckling, and also this may inspire you too …
    Also, thanks for commenting on my blog. You have a new follower. x

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