Fisherman’s Crochet Pullover

I made this sweater for my Husband’s birthday this month.  It turned out great!   The pattern comes from the Craft Yarn Council’s website here.    Instead of white yarn, I used Fishermen’s Wool from Lion Brand in “Oak Tweed.”

I’ve made this sweater three times now and it is still the most difficult pattern I have ever used.  The cable stitches in the Celtic Knot are challenging themselves and are created by using front-post double crochets, skipping stitches and working in front of or behind previous stitches to pick up the skipped stitch.  But it is difficult to follow the pattern itself as well as some of the raglan shaping is not very clear.  I need to just rewrite this pattern for myself. 

In addition, the pattern for the Celtic Knot itself is actually not accurate.  The knot is supposed to weave “over-under-over” or “under-over-under” for each cable.  However the given pattern does not do this.  Some of them go “over-over-under” and vice-versa, and even “over-over-over.”  They have actually updated this pattern since the first time I found it on the site and it now includes a diagram of  how the cables are woven for the knot.  It appears, according to this diagram, that the given pattern is intentional – not a mistake.  Fortunately, I have another pattern book with cable patterns which includes this same Celtic Knot – woven correctly.  So I worked from both patterns as I made this sweater.  I actually did not even realize that the pattern for the knot was incorrect until this time around.  I must have made the previous two “incorrectly.”

But regardless, my Husband has a new sweater – challenging or not.  And I have to say that it looks great on him!  Happy Birthday Baby!

(Most Definitely) Stitched in Love,




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12 responses to “Fisherman’s Crochet Pullover

  1. Linda Jester

    Amazing and beautiful!

  2. Wow, you are an awesome knitter! I’m jealous!
    My goal for 2011 is to make a sweater–any sweater–just wanna make a dang sweater!
    🙂 Lisa

  3. Okay, now I realized you are crocheting! Holy moly! Super jealous now!

  4. Wow – you know this is absolutely amazing, right? Because it is.
    I’ve been wanting to try something like this for ages, but not quite got round to it yet. There are a few scarves on Ravelry with the same or similar pattern – but a whole jumper! Very nice.

  5. Devlyn

    This is incredible, very impressive. What a wonderful birthday present, it looks great on him! Go girl!!!


  6. TinaMarie

    Have you rewritten this patter, I am an intermediate crochet and would love to make this pattern for my husband but upon reading it it seems quite daunting. I would love any help you could give!

    • I’m sorry but I have not yet. You’re right, it is pretty daunting! But I would say give it a try. It was a challenge when I tried it and I did a lot of frogging and redoing, but I was so proud of the finished piece when I got it done! Good luck!

  7. DJ

    Hi Tatha, I wish I would have read this before I started this project. I have spent a full day sorting out the raglan sleeves directions. I have rewritten it and it works perfectly. I am disappointed to see how big the sleeves and ribbing at the waistline are in your photo, I will definitely make changes when I get to that section. I have not even looked at the celtic knot directions yet, I am glad I now know there are problems with it before I started ripping my hair out in frustration. Thanks for your review – it is very useful to me.

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