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Cable Class

CuffsI was so excited this fall when contacted about having my Three Cabled Boot Cuff pattern used in a class on crocheted cables!  Each participant purchased their own patter, so I got multiple sales as a result. But the best part is this picture of everyone’s cuffs during the class.  They all look wonderful and I’m so excited to see the pattern being used. I hope that everyone enjoyed!

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Three Cabled Boot Cuffs

I have completed the boot cuff pattern, and in fact ended up with three patters in one!  It is now available for sale on Ravelry here.

Three Cuffs

Straight Cable and Button StrapUsing three different cable stitches and an optional decorative strap and button, a total of six different boot cuffs can be created with this pattern!

Pattern features one easy, one intermediate, and one advanced cable pattern.

Includes pictures and written crochet instructions.

I would love to see pictures of your finished project! Email them to me at the address on the pattern.

Twisted Cable

Celtic Knot

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Pocketed Scarf

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my Mom!   I had made several scarves before Christmas thinking I would give them as Christmas presents.  But then I had another idea for presents.  So I “scrapped” the scarf idea and put the ones I had already made aside for the time being.

My Mom then recently mentioned that scarves were so “in” this year, and I asked her if she wanted one.  So I took the three I had made over to her and let her pick the one she wanted.

I have an MP (mass-produced) scarf that has pockets in it and I just love it.  I can put my hat and gloves in the pockets when not in use and they don’t get lost!  So I decided to make some of my own.  The pockets are very easy to do.  They’re just slip stitch joined with the right-sides facing at both ends and then turned right-side out.

I also decided to do cable stitches to make it even more interesting.  This is a very simple four-stitch cable where the cables wrap around each other in pairs.  If anyone would like the pattern let me know and I’ll be glad to post it.

Sorry for the slight blur of the detail pic.  I thought I’d gotten a clear shot.

Thanks to Mom for agreeing to appear on the site.  Hope you enjoy!

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Fisherman’s Crochet Pullover

I made this sweater for my Husband’s birthday this month.  It turned out great!   The pattern comes from the Craft Yarn Council’s website here.    Instead of white yarn, I used Fishermen’s Wool from Lion Brand in “Oak Tweed.”

I’ve made this sweater three times now and it is still the most difficult pattern I have ever used.  The cable stitches in the Celtic Knot are challenging themselves and are created by using front-post double crochets, skipping stitches and working in front of or behind previous stitches to pick up the skipped stitch.  But it is difficult to follow the pattern itself as well as some of the raglan shaping is not very clear.  I need to just rewrite this pattern for myself. 

In addition, the pattern for the Celtic Knot itself is actually not accurate.  The knot is supposed to weave “over-under-over” or “under-over-under” for each cable.  However the given pattern does not do this.  Some of them go “over-over-under” and vice-versa, and even “over-over-over.”  They have actually updated this pattern since the first time I found it on the site and it now includes a diagram of  how the cables are woven for the knot.  It appears, according to this diagram, that the given pattern is intentional – not a mistake.  Fortunately, I have another pattern book with cable patterns which includes this same Celtic Knot – woven correctly.  So I worked from both patterns as I made this sweater.  I actually did not even realize that the pattern for the knot was incorrect until this time around.  I must have made the previous two “incorrectly.”

But regardless, my Husband has a new sweater – challenging or not.  And I have to say that it looks great on him!  Happy Birthday Baby!

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