Christmas Stockings


I’ve got three down and two more left.  I’m trying to decide what colors to make.  The red ones are supposed to be for the kids. I think what I’ll do is let my daughter pick which one she wants to be hers, and then make a duplicate of the other one and have both the boys’ stockings be the same, except for their names. The green one is my husband’s, and I think I’m just going to make mine with green stripes like the red-striped one.  Although, I could do mine in solid green two.  Then I would be able to line them up on the mantel with the greens on the outside, the boys matching ones next in on each side, and then my daughter’s in the middle.  (I kind of hope she picks the striped one so I don’t have to make another striped.)

The names will be back-stitched in yarn on the cuffs at the top, and then I’d like to add a holly berries and leaves embellishment to each of them.

In any case, the new baby and my stockings will wait until next year (early in 2016) before I start them.

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