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Birthday Skirt

I made this skirt as a present for my Niece Abbi’s 4th Birthday this month.  I wanted to make her something fun for summer so I went looking for a pattern on Ravelry.



The pattern is very simple and easy to make – done in a spiral of single crochet stitches instead of in rounds.  The lack of joining each round and chaining to take the work up to the next row makes the piece seamless all the way around and I really liked how that turned out.  The ruffles are fairly easy, done with shell stitches.  The first, or lower ruffle is just worked around the bottom edge of the skirt before finishing off.  However the second, or upper ruffle is made separately and then sewn on about an inch and a half above the lower one, gathering in as you go.  If I had that part to do again I would have worked it into the skirt initially instead of making it separately.  Joining the separate ruffle was a bit of a pain.

The top hem is folded over about a half inch and sewn in place to make a pocket for a draw-string.  I really liked that to allow me to make it a little bigger so Abbi can hopefully wear the skirt longer.  (Plus she’s so tiny for her age, I was afraid it was going to be too big to begin with.)

You can view the original pattern and pictures by  clicking on this picture.  In spite of how I personally didn’t like how the second ruffle was done, I did very much like this pattern over all.


And here are some pictures of Abbi in her skirt!


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