Granny Assembly

I got a lot done on the assembly for  The Granny Square Project last night.



First I laid all my squares out on the table in the planned 4×6 order and started swapping them around to determine placement.  I didn’t want similar colors or squares with the same yarn too close to each other.  I stood there moving squares for about 45 minutes and then asked my husband to come take a look and we made a few more adjustments.






Then I started joining.  I used the slip stitch method of joining on the wrong side in the two outside loops of the last round of the square.  There is a good tutorial here for this and I really like how it looks on the front side.  I’ll get a close-up of that tonight.


Vertical Edges Joined

I finished joining all of the vertical sides and tonight I’ll go back and do the horizontal edges.  Then I’ll do a few rounds of single crochet edging to finish it out.  I really do like the continuity the grey yarn has brought to the squares.


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