I currently have 16 projects on my Evernote Crochet To-Do list.  Sixteen!  That doesn’t include all the things on my Crochet Ideas Pinterest Board that I would like to make.

Many of the projects on my actual To-Do list are Christmas Presents for next year.  Well, I guess I mean this year.  I have several afghans that I want to make and several projects for my family, including finally making Christmas stockings and a tree skirt for us.  I think I may also end up adding a few projects to my list once we get moved into our new house because with all the hardwood floors we have we are going to need some spectacular area rugs.  Of course, I want to crochet them.  I totally wish I could quit my job and just crochet full-time.  I also have a few patterns that I would like to write up that I want to fit in there somewhere.

But with working full-time and two kids, and trying to do all the remodeling on the new house, my crochet time is limited.  I had a little more time when I was still pumping milk for my son at work and could multitask by using that time to crochet.  But that’s done and for the most part now I only get to crochet over lunch.  Once the kids are in bed at night all I want to do is to fall into bed myself!

So I’m going to join this link-up for goals and accountability. I’m going to go a step further though and tentatively plan out my projects for the rest of the year.  The only thing is, I have no idea when I might receive an order for a finished product on Etsy so I’m going to have to go easy on myself. I think this plan is pretty ambitious.  I’ve never really planned out what I intend to make for the year. I’ve always just had an idea in my head of the next few projects that I plan to do.  I always feel like I’m trying to catch up with what I want to make!

Monthly Goals


  1. Finish The Granny Square Project
  2. Sephy’s Easter Sweater
  3. BONUS: Start Parasol


  1. Parasol
  2. BONUS: Write Boot Cuffs Pattern
  3. BONUS: Write Boots the Monkey Hat Pattern


  1. Finish writing Cuffs and Monkey Patterns
  2. Christmas Stockings for Family (4)


  1. Finish Christmas Stockings
  2. Christmas Tree Skirt

July – Finish Christmas Tree Skirt

August – Afghan Christmas Present #1

September – Afghan Christmas Present #2

October – Afghan Christmas Present #3


  1. Happypotamusses for Sephy and Greyson
  2. BONUS: Start Sweet 16 Afghan


  1. Finish Sweet 16 Afghan
  2. Mitten Ornaments


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  1. You can totally pull this off! Those are great goals. Thanks for joining us!

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