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Twenty-four Squares


Squares with Edging

I’m getting very close on this project. Here are most of the squares with two rounds of light grey edging on them.

After I snapped this, I decided that I wanted to actually do four rounds of edging so I am currently going back and adding two more rounds. And I was right. They look much better with more around them. I think it will give the finished afghan more uniformity.

two squaresIt is not taking too long to do this and I’m getting ready to block all of the finished squares!



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December – Square Twenty-four

December - Square Twenty-four

December – Square Twenty-four

Finally, the last square of The Granny Square Project is complete!  The pattern comes from here.  It’s a little difficult to follow because the site is in another language with a poor English translation provided, but I was able to get the general idea.

I did have to make some adjustments to keep my square to the seven inches.  I didn’t like how the center looked with two rounds of yellow, so I switched to red for the second row.  The petals and leaves ended up being too long to stay inside the seven inches so I shortened them each by two chain stitches.  On the flower petals I made the first two stitches single crochets and the remaining half-double crochets.  On the leaves, I just took out the treble crochets and made the double crochets my highest stitch, working the last four in hdc instead of dcs.

All SquaresThe pattern called for sewing or ironing the leaves and petals down, but again I preferred to stitch them in on subsequent rows of the granny square.

Although all the squares are made, my project is not yet complete.  I still have to go back and add a couple of rounds of a common color to each square to use in joining them.  After laying them out and looking at them, I think I’m going to use a light grey yarn.  I’m hoping that this won’t take too long because it will only be a couple of rounds.  Then it will be time to join.  But I am excited that all the squares are done!

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