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Twenty-four Squares


Squares with Edging

I’m getting very close on this project. Here are most of the squares with two rounds of light grey edging on them.

After I snapped this, I decided that I wanted to actually do four rounds of edging so I am currently going back and adding two more rounds. And I was right. They look much better with more around them. I think it will give the finished afghan more uniformity.

two squaresIt is not taking too long to do this and I’m getting ready to block all of the finished squares!



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Beautiful Blocking

Before Blocking

Before Blocking

Just a quick update.  I’ve got the tape washed and blocked.  It really makes a big difference to take time and finish like this.  Pieces look so much more professional and crisp, no matter what they are.

After Blocking

My sister said she would loan me a Styrofoam manikin head so as soon as I have that I’ll starch it.  I want to put at least a light shaping to it.  Then I’ll add the elastic.

Monday it’s back to the Granny Squares.  I need to do a second square for March to start off with.  Then I need to do squares for April through June for a total of 7 squares to be caught up.  I suspect that will take me more than just next week.

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