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Disregard the Grey Hair Please

CAM01123_1Yes, it’s there.  I know it’s there.  No I’m not going to dye it.  And no, I’m not going to pull it out.  It’s already fine enough to begin with.  So, now that we’ve gotten that over with…

captured_by_snapseed_19_1This tape turned out really nice.  Doesn’t hurt that it’s my favorite color.  After blocking, I went ahead and did some starching to give it a little substance.  Then I attached some elastic and single crocheted over it to cover that up.  I’d like to do one with some beading in it maybe.  Plus, there are several other different types of tape that I would like to try out as well.

I’m going to do a few of these for my Sister to take to a Bridal Fair she’s got coming up.  Go visit her over at Vintage Wedding Gems to find out more about it!  Right now I’m working on washing out some old doilies and table runners so I can re-purpose the thread for new projects.  I think I’ll do a few of these in that thread.

captured_by_snapseed_20_1I did get started back on the Granny Squares today.  I’ll post that tomorrow.




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Beautiful Blocking

Before Blocking

Before Blocking

Just a quick update.  I’ve got the tape washed and blocked.  It really makes a big difference to take time and finish like this.  Pieces look so much more professional and crisp, no matter what they are.

After Blocking

My sister said she would loan me a Styrofoam manikin head so as soon as I have that I’ll starch it.  I want to put at least a light shaping to it.  Then I’ll add the elastic.

Monday it’s back to the Granny Squares.  I need to do a second square for March to start off with.  Then I need to do squares for April through June for a total of 7 squares to be caught up.  I suspect that will take me more than just next week.

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Crocheted Tape

Tape 1

I’ve been wanting to try this crocheted tape for a while now.  The pattern is a tutorial on YouTube and you can find it by clicking on the first image.


Tape 2It’s a neat but simple pattern that could be very versatile.  It could be used for edgings, jewelry,  or part of an Irish crochet piece.  I could even add beading to it to set it off and make it heavier.  This one I think I’m going to make into a headband.  Right now I’m blocking it so we’ll see how it looks when I’m done. Then I’ll connect the ends with some elastic and crochet around that to cover it.  I need to find a Styrofoam manikin head to use for setting it after starching.

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