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The First Lacy Afghan

I finally found this picture.  I knew I had it somewhere.  This was the first time I made the “Timeless Lace” afghan mentioned in my previous Lacy Afghan post.

This is my Aunt Becky on the left at Christmas oh…what, 10 or 11 years ago I guess?  Gosh I don’t remember.  Maybe more than that.   The Timeless Lace afghan was her present that year.

This picture was taken in my Grandma and Grandpa Showers’ living room.  I can just feel the bustle of activity at the big family Christmas get-together when I look at this picture.  {Insert warm fuzzy here.}

Grandma is gone now, but see the ribbon goldfish mobile hanging in front of the window in the background?  That was hers, and Grandpa was nice enough to let me have that after she passed.  It’s hanging in front of the window in my livingroom now.  I just love it, and I think of her every time I look at it!

Anyway.  Sorry, I digress.  Back to the afghan.  I remember Aunt Becky being very excited when I gave this to her that year and I hope that she has enjoyed it!

I believe I’ve made two more of these afghans using this pattern.  If you received one of them, please send me a picture and I’ll post it!

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Idea – Vintage Placemats

I have been having a really good time using the Word Press Tag Surfer lately.  I get to see a lot of different posts from other people with the same tags as those in my posts.  The problem is, seeing everyone’s wonderful projects gives me all sorts of really good ideas!  So today I thought I would actually start keeping track of those ideas for future projects in a new Category.  That way I don’t forget them!  Now knowing myself, I’m likely to build up lots and lots of ideas and never have time to get to them.  But at least I’ll have the option!

My first idea comes from a fellow bloggers post about a gift she received from her mother of some vintage placemats.   (Click on the photo to see her original post.)  They are just beautiful (and the lovely daffodils really piqued my yearning for spring.)

My idea is to get some vintage material from a thrift store and use it as the center of a doily/table-cloth/table runner or of course another placemat. 

I could use material from clothes or a dress, or whatever, and crochet the edging and make some really neat pieces out of them.

Don’t tell her, but I think my Mom might like a table runner like this.

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Lacy Afghan

This is the Christmas present that I gave to my Mother-in-Law this year.  I just love this pattern, it’s so pretty.  I’ve done three of these now, one for my Aunt Becky, one for my Sister for her wedding, and now one for Mom.  The thing that makes this afghan is totally the edging.  The first time I made this I had never done picots before.  I initially found those pretty challenging, but now I’ve also made them with thread.  I hate making them with thread, but I find making them with yarn to be much easier.

The pattern didn’t call for it, however I used cones of cotton yarn instead of worsted weight yarn.  It gives this afghan a really great weight and looks very nice with the picots.

I’ve been trying to think of something really amazing that I could work up to enter in the CGOA contest at the conference in July.  Looking at this I think it would be really neat to create similar pattern for a wrap or a shawl.  I’ll keep you posted on that front.

Stitched in Love,


UPDATE: I had someone ask where they could get this pattern.  It’s from a Leisure Arts pattern book: “Best of Terry Kimbrough Afghans.”  The pattern name is “Timeless Lace.”  I did not find the book on Amazon, but you can get it on the Leisure Art’s website for $12.50.  There are 26 afghan patterns in this book and I have made several of them.   Click on the picture for the link to the book on the Leisure Arts website.

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Copy-Cat Pansy

I was visiting my husband’s family in Iowa for Christmas this weekend.  While there, my Mother-in-Law showed me some doilies she had picked up at a thrift store.  This multi colored pansy doily was one of them.  I had brought some thread with me to work on making some crocheted snowflakes and I thought this was so pretty I decided to try to see if I could replicate it.

This is what I ended up with.  It was such a lovely idea and I enjoyed the challenge of seeing if I could reproduce the piece.  I left both the original and the copy-cat version with my mother-in-law, but I will see if I can write the pattern down and add it here.

I will also be posting quite a few Christmas presents given this year.  I haven’t been able to post them until now because I wanted them to be surprises for the recipients!

Stitched in Love,


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Wedding Handkerchiefs

Another gift made for my wedding…  I wanted to make something for my Bridesmaids that they could use for  my wedding that would go with my colors and their dresses.  So I crocheted lace edging on handkerchiefs for them.  I found a unique hankie with their respective initials for each of them on Ebay and then used the same variegated thread for the edging that I had used on some of my candle holders. 

The pattern for these was incredibly simple.  The hardest part was crocheting the base stitches around the handkerchief, right through the material.  After that it was just a matter of chain stitches and single crochet stitches in the spaces those chains made, repeating this around the handkerchief until the desired width was achieved.  Believe it or not, this part actually took quiet a bit of time.

 I made my sister’s slightly different by using white thread for the lace and then using a single round of the variegated thread with picot stitches on the last row.

I also crocheted hankies for both my Mom and my husband’s Mom, each with their initials too.

I used a very simple pattern for these.  However, there are countless lace patterns out there that are more detailed and complex.  Have you done lace edging for a handkerchief?  I would love to see pictures if you have!

Stitched in Love,


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